Communication 1010:Elements of Effective Communication

"The problem with communication... is the illusion that it has been accomplished." - George Bernard Shaw

Course Description


The communication concepts we will study include listening, verbal & nonverbal messages, negotiation, conflict management, and diversity in workplace and interpersonal settings. This is an applied class. You’ll practice using communication concepts in dyadic, small group, written, electronic, and oral presentation assignments. This course will:


  • Introduce you to basic theoretical concepts designed to improve your interpersonal and organizational communication competence.
  • Provide you with an opportunity to apply these concepts and skills.


I decided to take communication class for general education as a student choice. Initially when I went in I thought I can communicate, sounds easy enough. As well as, I always looked down at people majoring in communication because I always thought of it as an easy/worthless degree. However, now after taking the class communication is much more complicated. Basically, you are always self aware of, all the time of everyone's body movements, speech, and etc. I actually really would love to talk someone who has a degree in communication, I imagine they would be very well spoken. Also, I learned I'm not the best communicator and it's something I need to always work on and Improve on. Overall, I enjoyed this class and it's something I will always use in the future.