English 2010:Intermediate Writing

Course Description

English 2010 focuses on three related aspects of rhetoric and composition:public writing, writing from sources, and multi-genre and multimedia composition. In this course, we'll explore a number of different genres of writing common in academic contexts and in public writing situations. Through research and writing, you'll inform yourself and others about ongoing social justice issues, how to use genres to communicate ideas about those issues, and how to "play" with genres. You'll become an active participant in these public conversations through writing and designing a range of texts. For all the writing assignments of the course, you'll focus on a single issue-your choice- and you'll deepen your understanding of this issue over the course of the semester by doing additional research for each assignment, and re framing your approach to the issue through the lens of genre, medium, and mode.

On Communicating and Collaborating

As a writer I feel like I came a long way from the beginning of the semester. At the beginning of the class, we were asked to select a topic we are passionate about, because we will be writing about it throughout the entire semester. As well as, building on it. I decided to write on Education vs Experience. The reason I chose this topic was mainly for personal life experiences, and I thought I would explore the issue further. My mother and dad never reached anything higher than a high school diploma. They both are making it, but they have been hit by hard times. In fact, I can remember living in the worst conditions imaginable. Personally, I feel like it's common sense education is security, yet many argue about how worthless a degree is. Iv'e always been passionate about getting another education and at times people had me questioning what's better. 

At the beginning of the class I was set on showing how experience is better in many cases.  I believe I went this route because I was set on showing my mom and dad made a kind of logical decision. You will see this in my profile . I decided to examine a person I knew how had a hard time gaining employment. After going through many articles and researching my topic I found education and experience go hand and hand.  I think my perspective really changed on the issue while I created my Persuasion effect. My first draft I was still trying to stay with the idea experience is better, but I realized that my view has changed. As well as, I had to accept that's okay I don't believe in what I originally did. In the end I was pretty satisfied with my new view, and felt like it was stronger.

My Adaption  was a combination of notebook activities, and I put in a slideshow format. I feel like the power point works for the website, as well as ties together my profile and Persuasion effect.

Finally, for the class we were assigned in groups to make a magazine website showing our work together.  I decided to take English 2010 online, which means I have a very busy schedule, as well as my team. Basically, we were trying to coordinate each others crazy schedules together. The first meeting we knew what to do, I made the website layout and gave everyone the info, so we can all work on it on our time. Adding on, we communicated through text message to make it easier. I'm happy with the results. Although, after looking at everyone else's amazing websites, I feel like we could of made it more interactive. Overall, I'm happy with this class and how I've improved as a writer. 

Goals for the Class

1. Get better at narratives.

2. Get better at writing in the 1st person.

3. Pass the class.