Outside The Classroom

Outside the classroom I'm many things; I'm a mother, dog owner, a certified mixologist (that doesn't drink), an aunt, a daughter, a sister, an intellectual, a Latina, and a student. I work the night shift full time, go to school in the day, all while being a mom to a beautiful little girl and two fur babies. My life is by far not the easiest path, but who ever said to make something of yourself is easy? My life is definitely exhausting, and what keeps me driven is to provide a better life for myself and my family. 


Volunteer Hospice Care

 A big passion I have found is hospice care. It started out as an Anthropology class requirement in Spring 2016 . However, well after the class I kept seeing the same patient Jean, whom I have fell in love with. I'm not going to lie when Jean passes it will be hard on me, but I'm glad I have got to know her. Hospice care is not for everyone since eventually the patient you may love can pass away at any moment. I have found hospice the most rewarding thing, in their time of need you are there and you matter. After each time I volunteer I feel rewarded. I'm not sure if I plan on pursuing career in Hospice, but because of it I know I want to be a nurse.