Goals and Outcomes

 I have many goals in life, but the goals I value most is the pursuit of knowledge. Everyone wants to leave a mark on the world whether it's to someone like a student, a child, or as big as making a difference to a large group of people. It is completely human nature to fear oblivion. I hope in my life I'm fortunate enough to keep gaining knowledge and improving myself as well as making a difference in someway.

Short Term Goals

  • Register for Spring semester 2015.
  • Get a 4.0 Fall semester 2014.           
  • Potty train my daughter.                   
  • Pass all my classes for Fall 2015       ✔
  • Take app development class.
  • Finish Pre-requirements for nursing school
  • Get associates in Sociology 
  • Teach dogs to pull me on a sled.

Long Term Goals

  • Read a book a month the year of 2014.  ✔
  • Read a book a month the year of 2015.  ✔ 
  • Read a book a month of the year 2016.
  • Read 100 books.                                            ✔
  • Get a Bachelor's in Sociology.
  • Read 500 books.
  • Graduate from SLCC
  • Get into Nursing School



Working hard on this e portfolio I was able to be granted with the honor of a scholarship, which paid for a whole semester of tuition. Also, my e-portfolio is featured on Salt Lake Community college as an example now. I wouldn't been able to do it without the help of Salt Lake Community Colleges e-portfolio aids, as well as their websites and tutorials that walk you step by step in setting up your website.(THANK YOU EMILY DIBBLE) This scholarship is given out annually, so I highly encourage everyone to give it a shot. If anyone needs advice on the scholarship feel free to contact me:)

Read more about it in the links below

 http://www.globeslcc.com/2016/01/29/eportfolio-showcase-student-awards/  (My last name is spelled wrong)

http://eportresource.weebly.com/examples.html (Ignore my b*#%h face)

http://www.slcc.edu/gened/eportfolio/ A site thru SLCC to aid you in creating your e-portfolio 

Salt Lake Community College Learning Outcomes

Students communicate effectively.

I have found my Sociology 1010 course has helped me communicate effectively. Sociology is the study of people and as people we come from all sorts of backgrounds. While, taking the course probably the most important thing I learned was, we all perceive the world differently and it's vital that we communicate with everyone we encounter respectively. It's important that we embrace our differences in one another and work together.


Students develop quantitative literacies necessary for their chosen field of study.

My Math 1010 class has helped me develop the necessary quantitative literacies, specifically my advertisement project. In my advertisement project I developed a slope in which lead to a window of time, when it would be best to have an ad. For example, having an ad about pizza is probably best after 4pm. Putting any ad out there is costly and it's important you know your audience and what time is best, otherwise you can lose money.


Students think critically and creatively.

My course English 1010 benefited my ability to think critically and creatively. The course aided me in thinking of what sentences function in papers and what sentences to get rid of. As well as, the course really put my creative mind to work by finding rich words that added to my paper.


Students develop the knowledge and skills to community engaged learners and scholars.

My fhs Intro to human sexuality 2450 and Sociology 2630 Race and Ethnicity class helped me develop the knowledge and skills to the community. My sexuality class gave me the knowledge to fully understand the aging body and how sexual roles play. I found this extremely important because of all the false stereotypes of both women and men. To add on, what I gained from my Race and Ethnicity class was to educate myself on things I don't understand, rather than judging. 


Students develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner.

In all my courses at SLCC I had some type of group work. I will not deny I dreaded group projects, not because I hated working with other people, but because you never know your teammates work ethic. The group project I dreaded the most was my Math 1040 Skittle project, it had many parts, and had to work with my group all semester long. It was challenging due to the fact we all had different work schedules, and some were not as dedicated in getting an A as I was. In any situation it's crucial that you put the best work out there and respect everyone you have the pleasure to work with, because you will be remembered for what you put out. 


Students develop computer and information literacy.

All my courses I've taken so far have played a role in developing my computer literacy, considering I use my computer to type each paper. Although,  Math1040 was by far the most influential considering I had to learn how to use several template soft wares to organize my data in various forms such as; bar graphs, pie charts, box plots, and find numbers of interest. Most importantly, this E-portfolio really played a role in my development of computer skills.


Students develop the attitudes  and skills for lifelong wellness.

I have not enrolled in any life long wellness classes yet, but plan to so in the summer or next fall semester. However, I appreciate Salt Lake Community Colleges promotion of health, since as a country let's face it we are overweight. So, the importance of health is a big deal for everyone, since bad health can lead to a great deal of problems as we age.